*** UPDATE! ***

The X-2018 party is over...

DAX! has seen the light.

Thanks to all competitors of the DAX! game compo.

Even though the competition level seemed to be quite tough for first-timers , we hope you enjoyed DAX! and see the great potential of the game.

This month we're going to finalize DAX! to publish it in its full glory.

The final version of DAX! will contain the ability to create levels at your own and will contain more levels from easy to hard.

Thank you for your patience and all of your great feedback on DAX!

(Developer of DAX!)


DAX! is a new Commodore 64 party game that is particularly suitable for playing at demoparties and with friends.
As a bouncing ball, you need to roll and jump over blocks as quickly as you can to beat the best times.
To achieve that you can accelerate, slow down and jump at different heights.

DAX! uses a split-screen to play against another player.
DAX! can be played as a single player too; against the ghost-record of the current best time of that level.

DAX! will test your reaction speed, your joystick skills, your rhythm and your tactic level knowledge.

... But beware ...

DAX! is highly addictive! :P


DAX! (beta-version) was first played at the X-2018 game competition.
UPDATE: DAX! will be published at the end of november 2018 (probably on the 29th - my birthday :)


DAX! is brought to you by Thundax of Xenon with the amazing help of great people who earn their credits:

Thundax/Xenon:   Brilliant concept & Master coding
Nyke/Xenon:   Colorful DAX! logo, Iconic 2x2 char, blocky in-game blocks
Sounx/Xenon:   Artistic in-game blocks
Magnar/Censor Design:   Rockin' two original DAX! music tracks for menu and ingame
Wiklund, Arman, Reyn, Mr. SID, Chotaire, Soren:   Additional ingame (existing) music supply
Krill:   Great, fast and tiny IRQ-loader and IRQ-saver
Megabrain/Xenon: Tricky tracks

Additional thanks to the sceners from #C-64 and CSDB for the additional and mental support.
Especially XMikeX, cjam, Mr. Ammo, DJS, WVL of Xenon, groepaz, JackAsser, Stryker, Sabbath, g0th and Jazzcat.
Many thanks also to the organisers of the X-parties: Tim, Mr. Ammo, DJS and Burglar in particular for their support to DAX!


Thundax/Xenon: thethundax@gmail.com